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I campaigned vigorously in the weeks leading up to the referendum to remain in the EU, as can be seen in my previous newsletter celebrating one year in Parliament.

Dr Rupa Huq MP for Ealing Central and Acton outside Northfields underground station with Stronger IN campaigners supporting the UK remaining in the EU

It was my belief that only by retaining our membership in the EU can the UK remain a strong member of the world economy and maintain its reputation as a country that welcomes immigrants, refugees and EU nationals who are willing to become a part of British society, but we are where we are.

My constituents in Ealing Central and Acton made their wishes regarding the referendum quite clear: I’ve received nearly a thousand emails, the overwhelming majority against leaving the EU.  No surprise as 72% voted to remain in the wards that I represent.

Unfortunately, given the result of the national vote, all that is left is to do everything in my power to mitigate the impact of this disastrous decision to leave the EU.

It is vital that EU nationals living and working in our country are ensured a future here. I am proud that Ealing is such a multicultural borough, as ONS figures from 2014 state that 41,000 EU-born nationals reside here. Their contributions to the economy and culture of Ealing and the UK as a whole must be respected. It is disgraceful that the government should suggest that EU nationals who have contributed to British society in innumerable ways are not guaranteed a future in this country.

Especially troubling in this regard are the recent reports that suggest instances of violence and abuse directed towards EU nationals in this country have risen following the leave vote in the referendum. The Monday following the result, David Cameron fielded questions regarding the consequences of the vote. I asked that he address the rise of post-Brexit hate crimes and commit to taking action to stop them. Here are my comments and his response.

Most recently, I have raised concerns in the chamber regarding greater safeguards for future referenda. I am concerned at the rate at which key campaign promises of the referendum have unravelled following the vote. It is clear now that the economic impact of the vote is more significant than the Leave campaign claimed, that the NHS will not be receiving the promised £350 million a week, and that there was not and is not a sufficient plan in place to guide the UK through this period of disastrous transition.

I maintained in my comments to the chamber that in the future there should be, at least, manifestos which outline measurable pledges from leading campaigns on both sides, in the interest of accountability and avoiding the truth becoming a casualty in the scramble for votes. You can read my comments here.

It cannot be denied that we have entered a time of uncertainty in the UK, both economically and socially. The promises put forth by each campaign have not come to fruition, and it is obvious now that misinformation abounded throughout this campaign. The politicians that led us into this situation have since abandoned their posts and responsibilities. There will be consequences, both foreseeable and unforeseeable, that it will come down to members of Parliament and the residents of the UK to manage and shoulder.

However, please rest assured that I will do everything in my power to stand against consequences and mitigate the impact of this decision for my constituents. I will continue to demand answers from our leaders and ensure that any future action will be in the best interests of all UK citizens.

Response to the EU referendum result

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I have recently passed one year since my election and maiden speech!

Making Your Mind Up

On Thursday the whole Country will vote in the most important decision of a generation.

Europe has kept the post-war peace and enshrined worker’s rights, helped to ensure our collective security through the European Arrest Warrant, and provided the collective environmental policies we desperately need to tackle climate change. Moreover, all major economists, the IMF, and the Bank of England foresee us being plunged again into recession and financial crisis if we leave.

For these reasons I believe that the UK absolutely needs to remain a part of the EU and have been out campaigning with the IN team, including the former Home Secretary, Alan Johnson MP.

I will be voting to remain, and I hope that you will be too.


Faith in the Future

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to meet with leaders from many different faith groups to discuss their views, the challenges they face, and their hopes for the future.

I recently spoke with the Archbishop of Canterbury at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, who stressed his support for remaining “IN” Europe, met with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and attended a Ramadan event at the Muslim Council of Britain.

Rupa Huq MP with Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury, his wife Caroline and Rev Mark Melluish of St Pauls, Ealing

Challenging the Government

On 8th June I challenged the Prime Minister to explain exactly when we will finally get a decision on airport expansion and Heathrow.

£22 million has now been spent on the Davies Commission and in 2009 David Cameron stated “No ifs, No buts, No third runway”. However, the Prime Minister only gave the vague answer of “The Summer” as to when we can expect a final decision, which frankly fails to give any of those living in West London the clarity they badly need.

I have also recently pushed the Government on the Housing Crisis in London, the appalling lack of affordable housing throughout the whole City and the huge difficulties faced by first-time buyers.

All of my speeches, questions and contributions in Parliament since last May are available online here;

Dr Rupa Huq MP for Ealing Central and Acton questions Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons

Back to School

I was lucky enough to open new buildings at both Berrymede and West Twyford Primary Schools recently, and am pictured here with the Mayor of Ealing, Patricia Walker, and pupils of John Perryn Primary at their concert celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday and the unveiling of their art gallery.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Schools across the constituency and I was especially pleased to return to my old school, Montpelier Primary, to open their fete last year.

Dr Rupa Huq MP with the mayor of Ealing Patricia Walker and pupils of Derwentwater Primary School

Mucking in

I was pleased to take part in ‘cleaning west Ealing’ with the West Ealing Business Improvement District. Here are Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, volunteers from A2 Dominion Housing Association and myself applying lacquer to benches outside the library.

Dr Rupa Huq MP with Cllr Bassam Mahfouz

Celebrating Summertime in the Borough

I've enjoyed numerous parties for the Queen’s 90th Birthday including at St Barnabas in Pitshanger, scene of my old playgroup, and those held by Residents Associations. Below is a ‘selfie’ taken at the Green Days Bedford Park festival, Chiswick, including the BBC’s Jeremy Vine, Rageh Omaar, Fergal Keene, Gavin Campbell (ex-That’s Life) and Ealing Acton MP 1974-1997 Sir George Young.

More upcoming Ealing council summer festivals are listed here:

 Dr Rupa Huq MP with Jeremy Vine, Raggeh Omar, Fergal Keene, Gavin Campbell and Sir George Young

Remembering Jo Cox

Many constituents have written to me about the shocking and tragic loss of my friend and colleague Jo Cox. Read my further thoughts on this at the Guardian.

This devastating act was hopefully a one-off and while I, like all of my colleagues in Parliament, have been stunned by this horrific attack, I am continuing to hold my weekly surgeries in Ealing and Acton. We must carry on our work in the spirit in which Jo performed hers – with absolute dedication and commitment to those we represent.

Dr Rupa Huq MP for Ealing Central and Acton leaves flowers in memory of Jo Cox MP

One Year On

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Dr Rupa Huq MP, Ealing Central and Acton

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