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The General Election of 2017 was nothing short of historic. I and the Labour Party will be taking the fight to the Tories soon! 

Dear Constituent,

The past few weeks have truly been a rollercoaster of a ride. But now the dust has settled I would like to take the time to thank you for your kind words of congratulations. It has been an absolute honour serving this constituency since 2015 and now the people of Ealing Central and Acton have placed their trust in me for the second time in two years.

The choice in this election was stark: a local candidate running on a track record of achievement versus an opponent whose publicity only stated the need to support Theresa May, who herself came badly unstuck as she misjudged the mood of the nation in her quest to crush all opposition, and obtain a blank cheque for the hardest of hard Brexits and attack our invaluable public services.

She has now been told by the people of Ealing Central and Acton that she has no mandate whatsoever to pursue those aims. The majority of 274 I had in 2015 when we unseated the previous Conservative MP has been transformed to a majority of 13, 807 - a 50 fold increase. The politics of hope has truly beaten the politics of fear.


In these times of uncertainty I think it is only right that I now inform you and the rest of my constituents of my priorities in the forthcoming weeks.

As I have been doing since 2015 I will be continuing to oppose NHS cuts and closures locally, including the government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan which seeks to diminish Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals to the point that they cease to recognisably be hospitals at all. I will be opposing both a soft and hard Brexit. I ran my campaign locally on the basis that I would continue to represent the will of the people of Ealing and Acton who voted by 72% to remain in the EU and I will continue to honour that pledge.

I have also received a number of communications decrying the attempt to cobble together a “coalition of chaos” with the DUP given their regressive positioning on social policy. I will be monitoring any attempt by the Conservatives to water-down women’s reproductive rights and the freedoms that the LGBT communities enjoy as well as the ability of same-sex couples to marry. There is no way shape or form that I will allow the DUP to water down these invaluable rights of which we should all be proud.

I am proud of our local campaign which saw big guns such as Sadiq Khan, David Miliband, comedian Andy Parsons and even my constituent and sister Konnie Huq of Blue Peter come over to lend a hand. But our success would not have been possible without the army of volunteers and party members who gave up much of their time to campaign for a Labour victory. For that I am truly grateful.

For now it’s a case of ONWARDS – might have to go through it all again in the Autumn!

Yours Faithfully,

Dr Rupa Huq

Ealing Central and Acton 

A Thank You to the People of Ealing Central and Acton

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After this election was cynically called I gave my constituents an update on my recent Parliamentary work. For those of you who missed it here it is. 

Speaking out on the issues that matter to Ealing, Acton and Chiswick 

I’ve spoken over 400 times in House of Commons including on Syrian refugees, EU nationals under Brexit, NHS and affordable housing. I’m rated by website They Work For You as “well above average amongst MPs”. A link to all of my Parliamentary contributions is here

I’ve questioned David Cameron and Theresa May repeatedly on behalf of constituents on Ealing hospital and Brexit. I’ve been independently minded, defying May and Corbyn by opposing the triggering of article 50. Most recently on the last day this Parliamentary session I asked where the £350million weekly for the NHS promised by Brexiteers had gone and whether the UK could come into line with the EU average of 12 bank holidays. See here




Campaigning for the integration of Mental and Physical Health Issues

I meet with voluntary and community groups regularly including recently mental health projects CAPE in Acton and Certitude in Ealing (read more here) who enable adults with learning difficulties live independently. They explained how recent tax and benefit changes penalise their residents. I’ve spoken out on supported housing and how cuts to this jeopardise even the beloved YMCA facility in Ealing.

I have consistently highlighted NHS cuts and closures under the Tories which have robbed Hammersmith and Central Middlesex of their A and E units, shut maternity and paediatric departments at Ealing, plan to downgrade Charing Cross and Ealing hospitals. 



Honouring our brave Local Police, living through terror 

Back in December the blaze that engulfed the Aeronaut pub in Acton made national news. Last month I presented certificates to the honour the courageous officers without whose swift actions lives surely would have been lost. See here.  

 The police commendation ceremony took place after the despicable terror attack that rocked Westminster and shocked the world. I found myself “in lockdown” in Parliament for 5 hours, inconvenient but nothing compared to the brave officer who lost his life. My longer account of the day is here

It is outrageous that these selfless public servants who run towards from danger when others run away have had their number slashed by 20,000 under the Tories. 


Back to School 

I’ve done numerous assemblies at schools across Ealing, Acton and Chiswick and had school parties into the Commons. Last month I spoke on British Heroes Day at St Vincents Primary alongside the British Legion and the month before did the careers day at St Augustines. As a university lecturer previously this is of great importance to me. I attended Montpelier and Notting Hill Schools myself in the 1970s and 1980s and am now using local schools and hospitals daily as a mum.

I’ve also illuminated the devastating Tory budget cuts to hit all Ealing, Acton and Chiswick schools in Parliament. Acton High School is set to lose 26 teachers in the next 2 years with each pupil down by £900 a head spending, that’s £1.12million. Even Montpelier, my old primary, will lose £366,800, that’s £583 loss per pupil funding and 9 less teachers.

See my speech on social mobility here.


Championing Environmental Issues

Whether it be voting against a third runway at Heathrow or supporting the Friends of the Earth / 38 Degrees campaign to ban bee-killing pesticides, throughout my time in Parliament I have consistently championed the cause of environmental sustainability and this had been recognised by Ealing's Green movement.

Yet sometimes MPs talk-the-talk in the House of Commons but when it comes down to their own behaviour they don’t exactly practice what they preach. That is why I have recently sought to lead by example; by publicly pledging that I will fight for the MPs pension funds- currently at £612 million- to completely disinvest in fossil fuels. I look forward to carrying on the fight on the 8th of June.   


Advice and Support for Constituents

As a lifelong Ealing resident since 1972 it has been the greatest honour of my life to be elected in 2015 for my home seat Ealing Central and Acton. I’ve undertaken 17,500 separate pieces of casework via weekly advice surgery, phone and email in my quest to be Ealing Acton’s most accessible ever MP.

As the Prime Minister has now gone back on her word and called a general election we are now in a situation where Parliament has stopped sitting and these sessions cease as I am unable to perform the full functions of an MP pending the election period. If I am re-elected then of course this will all resume. I will operate a basic casework service for those in urgent need in the interim. Please email if needed: 

Hope to see you on the campaign trail.

Yours Sincerely, 

Dr Rupa Huq

Let's Make June the End of May

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Dr Rupa Huq , Ealing Central and Acton

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