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This election is nothing more than a sham...

After repeatedly stating for 9 months that there would be no early general election, Theresa May has gone back on her word in a naked powergrab and has decreed that the country go to the polls again on the 8th of June. Parliament, the machinery of government and even our article 50 negotiations- on which the clock is ticking- have ground to a halt for 8 weeks. Not only is this election not needed, not only has it wasted precious time and thus damaged the national interest, but it has also revealed how, as usual, the Tories say one thing and do another.

This election is nothing other than a cynical ploy by which the Conservatives are seeking a blank cheque for a disastrous Brexit. All whilst attempting to deflect from their atrocious record on funding for the NHS, funding for our overcrowded schools and their abysmal record on housing in London. Yet the true barometer by which we can measure the narcissism which has driven this election is by remembering the fact that is now ordinary individuals who are suffering.

During my time as the MP for Ealing Central and Acton I have handled over 17,500 individual pieces of casework. Yet now I, and many of my other Labour Party colleagues are left powerless as candidates. We cannot make representations on our constituent’s behalf, we cannot fight their corner to get them the access to the housing, benefits and support they need and deserve.

I’ve spoken over 400 times in Parliament, challenging both David Cameron and Theresa May on issues including Ealing Hospital, Brexit, the uncertain status for EU nationals and rising post-Brexit hate crime. Having me as an independently minded MP to challenge hard Brexit, which 72% of Ealing Central and Acton residents voted against is at gravely risk. Provision at Ealing Hospital (already decimated) and the world beating Charing Cross are next, as your former MP I’ve been privy to the plans. We need an MP who stands up and does not roll over.

Labour will protect the triple lock for pensioners, end tuition fees and ban fracking. Meanwhile the Tories have slashed local school budgets as well as the NHS and now plan to bring back the cruel and inhumane practice of foxhunting.  It’s little wonder that the Greens, who I am aligned with on Heathrow Expansion, have withdrawn from the election for me. It’s also little wonder that Sir Vince Cable, one of the nation’s senior Lib Dems, has declared that there’s no point voting for the Liberal Democrats in a seat where they are a poor third in the most marginal seat in London. I won by just 274 votes last time in a two horse race.

No matter how much the Tories try to scare people with Westminster scenarios I’m fighting this election on my local record and 45 years in Ealing and Acton. I hope voters will put their faith in me again.

Only I Can Represent the 72%

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Vince Cable was right to back me

Yesterday Dr Rupa Huq’s campaign for re-election in the Ealing Central and Acton seat received a welcome boost from the unlikely source of Liberal Democrat grandee Sir Vince Cable. The former deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, who is intending to run for election in his former seat of Twickenham, was recorded directing Lib Dem voters in the Ealing Central and Acton seat to back Rupa. Here’s what he said:

“I’ll just give one example, there’s Rupa Huq, who’s the candidate in Ealing. Purely by coincidence I found myself, I think it was on ‘Any Questions’ or one of those programs in Warwick a few months ago, and I gave her a lift back home to Ealing. We talked for a couple of hours and it was very clear that on almost every issue our views were almost identical. And so I would find it difficult to vote against somebody like that, and I hope that our people around the country are discriminating and think and act in a constructive way”


Further backing for Dr Huq was given by Sarah Olney, who was victor for Lib Dems in the December by-election for Richmond Park, and who could be heard on the recording of the event stating "We want Rupa to win in Ealing”.

The endorsement was welcomed by Dr Huq who released the following statement:

“This is a significant development and I welcome the comment of Vince Cable who I respect enormously and got to know when we did a joint speaking engagement. In a tight race it’d be wrong to sacrifice a good independently minded pro-remain MP due to the personal vanity of the already twice-loser Lib Dem candidate standing to further his council bid in 2018. The Tory candidate is the only other one able to win and they’ve chosen a Brexit activist as their candidate who also supported the closure of local hospitals on Ealing council. The Greens have already stood down in favour of my candidacy and it’s important that anyone tempted by the Lib Dems for their Brexit stance realises the consequences of their actions. To remain with a remainer MP Huq is the only realistic option; any other action (including staying at home) would result in a Brexiteer representing a seat which was 72% remain.”

Yesterday’s events follow the decision of the Green Party who, just a fortnight ago, stood aside so as to not split the pro-EU vote in a seat in which 72% of the voters supported remain in June last year. A decision which was reflected by Rupa Huq who voted against article 50 stating that it is “vital that we work together to oppose this reckless surge towards Brexit"

Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable endorses Labour’s Rupa Huq in Central Ealing and Acton

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Dr Rupa Huq , Ealing Central and Acton

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