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Rents consume more than half of income in Ealing


After places like Westminster, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Ealing is the eighth most expensive place to rent as a percentage of income in London.

The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings shows average weekly earnings for full time workers in Ealing to be £575, and the median weekly rent to be £300, making rent 52% of earnings in the borough.

Rupa said:

“With people now paying more than half their income on rent, many will soon be forced to leave our area – leaving only the rich able to live here. It would be a scandal if teachers, nurses and other professionals were forced out of the constituency.

“If elected I will work with the Labour Party to eradicate rip off letting agent's fees, stop excessive rent increases and make three year tenancies the standard in the private rented sector. Now more than ever we need action to give renters longer, more secure tenancies and put a cap on soaring rents.”

Rent costs more than half of income in 13 of London’s 32 boroughs, and to make matters worse these figures are before tax is taken into account. In reality Londoners are paying significantly more than half of their take home pay on rent. 

Ben works for a charity and lives in the Brentham Estate in Ealing with his wife, he said:

“Renting privately is so expensive. We had to pay an agency hundreds of pounds to basically run a credit check that anyone could do. My wife and I fear telling the landlord about any of the problems with the flat in case he puts the rent up even more.

"Our friends and family constantly judge us for not living somewhere cheaper outside of London, but this is our home and what kind of place would it be if only the rich lived here? We contribute to our community, which is more than I can say for my landlord who asks us to send our rent to an oil company in the Middle East every month."

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Dr Rupa Huq , Ealing Central and Acton

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