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Rupa tells Parliament that the Tories are attempting to rewrite history

Rupa Huq MP, Ealing central and Acton, yesterday told Parliament that the A-Level History syllabus demonstrated bias against the Labour Party for omitting the 1945-51 Labour Government and the 1997 - 2010 Labour Government.

Reflecting on concern expressed by students on a recent visit Notting Hill and Ealing High school Dr Huq asked the Minister for Schools the following:

“Visiting my old school, Notting Hill and Ealing High, which produced not only me but the ex-Conservative MP Angela Rumbold, I found concern, among staff and students, about political imbalance in the new A-level history syllabus. It completely omits the 1945-51 Labour Government, asks candidates for Conservative strengths and Labour weaknesses and stops in 1997. By deleting Labour, are they trying to rewrite history?”

In response Nick Gibb MP stated “The A-level history syllabus was widely consulted on before it was confirmed”.

Rupa said “I was invited to my old school to do a GCSE certificate presentation on Friday and after the ceremony did an interview with sixth formers for the school magazine. History students told me that they are dissatisfied that the OCR Modern British history A-level syllabus of the post-war period as it has been radically rewritten to completely omit the 1945-51 Attlee government and the 1997-2010 Blair/Brown governments.

The 1945-51 Labour Government created the NHS, founded the welfare state and built more than 1 million, mainly council, homes. The Blair/Brown years from 1997-2010 introduced the minimum wage, doubled funding for every pupil in England and increased the numbers of Police Officers, Doctors and Nurses by tens of thousands.

For either period to be omitted from any course on the modern history of Britain is more than careless and smacks of re-writing of history to favour the Tories, whose record on the NHS, Housing, and front line service numbers is at best dismal.

These blatant blind-spots are the sort of thing you’d expect in tin-pot dictatorships or one-party states, but in the UK critical thinking and board-based curricula used to be valued. This attempt to cook the books and effectively delete Labour is a Goveisation too far”



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Dr Rupa Huq , Ealing Central and Acton

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