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Statement: Tory accusations and hustings boycott

In response to the Tory boycott of election hustings, a spokesperson for Dr Huq stated:_GWW5301.jpg


"It was entirely predictable that The Tory candidate would refuse to debate, given her record on the NHS and Brexit. She has lashed out at our campaign because she knows she cannot confront the facts. She did vote against the Save Our Hospitals campaign and she did campaign for Brexit. These are facts on the public record and she cannot run away from them no matter how hard she tries.

Her campaign allege that Ealing Hospital is not closing despite the NHS openly saying that there will be no District General Hospital in our Borough. A 50-bed “local hospital”, with no surgery, no critical care, no acute beds, no blue-light ambulances, no A&E, no maternity unit and no children’s ward is not a ‘hospital’ any resident of the Borough would recognise.

It is a complete nonsense to accuse someone of lying and then running away without making the argument by facing them at hustings events.  What is she scared of?  What does she have to hide?  When Rupa sees a problem she faces it head on. As she has on multiple occasions when confronting the Prime Minister on the Tory threat to the NHS. You get nowhere by shying away from the debate. 

The Tory candidate's tantrum is an insult to residents. She is refusing to defend her record in public whereas Rupa has taken every opportunity she can to engage with voters, even in the most challenging of circumstances, before the big day on June 8th."

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Dr Rupa Huq , Ealing Central and Acton

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